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Tofino's Self-Care Space

If you are serious about training, we've got you covered.
Our space is more like a second-hand bookstore than a corporate gym.  Some still refer to Lift as The Dungeon, and we'd rather have a functional gym than a pretty gym. We are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, Bodybuilders, Cardio enthusiasts, and we even accept Crossfitters. Our mission is simple: provide an inclusive space for personal growth.  
Remember, when picking a training facility....
it's not about the view.


Member Hours 5am-11pm
No Front-desk or Supervision
Must be 16 years of age
No group classes
Athletic Performance Coaching : Contact Myles at
Personal Training : Rachel Viruete at

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Locals Membership

$65.00/month + tax
This membership requires Pre-Authorized Debit Withdrawal or a 6-12 month single payment. 

Visitors Membership
1-5 months paid via credit-card, e-transfer or cash.

Are you ready to lift?
Please fill out the form below.


150 Fourth St, Tofino, BC, Canada
We are under Gaia Grocery, you will find our entrance in the parking lot.

We are a one-man show here, so please be patient. We will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

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