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Mission Statement

The over-arching goal of Lift is to serve the folks who live and work in Tofino by providing a clean, well-equipped, and welcoming fitness facility in the heart of Tofino. Now, you can get your supplements here in town as well. I am going to offer a curated selection of the most essential supplements to help fuel your training journey. I have decided to focus on quality over breadth, and will only carry supplements which I consider to be high-quality, safe, and effective, while sourcing from well-vetted brands. I will not carry any supplement which I have not already taken myself, or would not feel comfortable taking myself.

How To Shop Here

Lift Performance Supplements is a micro-store which operates out of Lift located in the basement at 150 Fourth Street in Tofino.

Serving Tofino & Ukee!

If you are in the Tofino and Ucluelet area you can purchase supplements to be picked up at Lift by filling out the following order form. 
Step 1: Fill out order form and wait for Invoice to arrive via e-mail. 
Step 2: Pay Invoice by Credit-Card, E-transfer, or Cash upon request.

Step 3:  Schedule a Pick Up time at Lift. 


Store Hours Spring/Summer 2024 (May 17th to September 8th)

Supplement Order Form

Please note we have limited stock.
Return Policy: No returns on supplements after the product has been opened!


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