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My name is Myles!

Do You Want To See What You Are Capable Of?

Increasing human performance has been my life’s work, and passion. 'The Gym' is where I feel I can have the most positive impact on other humans. I have extensive certifications in strength training, yoga, and nutrition, but what makes me a uniquely effective coach is the powerful combination of my broad coaching experience (including professional surf & professional hockey), the wisdom I gained from strong mentors, and my extensive competitive history across multiple sports including Junior A Hockey, NCAA Div.1 Lacrosse, and Weightlifting. ​​If you are deadly serious about making fitness a part of your life, and would like some help along the way please reach out by selecting one of the following Coaching Packages. If you would like some insight into my training style and philosophy, please check out my blog. 

Coaching Options

Private, Bespoke Personal Training 

Whether you are a pro-surfer looking to be pushed to the next level,  or someone who is more comfortable training with coach present, we've got you covered. 

At Lift, we offer private, bespoke training tailored to your individual needs. These sessions are held in the lifter's studio, which is separate from the main gym floor. With nearly fifteen years of experience and a passion for helping clients succeed, Coach Myles is here to provide world-class strength and conditioning in Tofino. 


1 on 1 Personal Training - 1 Hour - $60.00+Tax/session

1 on 2 Private Group Training - 1 Hour - $75.00+Tax/session

1 on 3 Private Group Training - 1 Hour - $90+Tax/session

*If you complete 6 sessions/month you will receive a 10% discount.


If you would like to begin training with Myles please e-mail Myles at to get started. 

Functional Strength & Conditioning Introduction + 8 Week Program

Do you want to be someone who "goes to the gym" but you don't know where to start? 

I designed this program to address the strength and conditioning needs of the average Lift member who wants to improve their health, become stronger, and tone things up a bit. This package includes 4 Private Sessions with Myles plus an 8 week Strength and Conditioning Program delivered via Truecoach App! Your 8 week program will include:

3 Full Body Strength Workouts per week

1 Aerobic Interval Training Workout per week
1 Yin Yoga Session per week


Session 1:
Basic Movement Introduction, Bracing, Aerobic Interval Training, and Mobility

Session 2: Full-Body Functional Training Session A

Session 3: Full-Body Functional Training Session B

Session 4: Full-Body Functional Training Session C

Cost : $195.00+Tax

Please email Myles at to get started!

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1 on 1 Mentorship : Remote/Hybrid

"I cannot recommend Myles enough. I've been working with him for three and a half years now and have no just seen improvements in my strength and physique, but also how I think about fitness, nutrition, and health more broadly. He is patient, kind, thoughtful, and will call you out. He cares deeply about my specific goals, but will also challenge me when I am being complacent or unrealistic. I am very happy with our results and I am very excited to see where we go from here."

-Nate C., Los Angeles


Are you looking for a major change in your lifestyle?

Do you want to see what you are really capable of and chase your true potential?

The gym (or a fitness routine) can be a very powerful catalyst for positive change in one's life. 


Since 2015 I have been helping athletes, fitness coaches, and working professionals find, and more importantly maintain, their unique vision of fitness in their lives. I do this by providing a wheel of support which includes individualized strength and conditioning programming that meets each client where they are at and empowers them to get where they want to go. Additionally, I help you take care of the other 23 hours of the day with nutritional guidance, and mobility programming. Signing up for remote-coaching is like hiring a positive influence which supports you in becoming the person you want to be. 


To be clear, this is life-changing work.

This package includes:

-Monthly 1 Hour Coaching Consult via FaceTime or In-Person

-Individualized and adaptive Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility Programming delivered via Truecoach App

-A Personal Truecoach Account

-Nutritional Planning & Guidance

-Ongoing Support, Feedback, and Video Review in Truecoach

Cost: $225.00/month (3 month minimum commitment)


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